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Our Services 

We believe in a consultative approach when meeting with our clients. We listen to understand the environment you want to create for your organization and employees. Our office furniture experts will blend style with functionality so that you can enhance your workflow and productivity while providing a beautiful work environment. We match your requirements to our line-up of products and services so that each solution is unique and to your exact specifications. We plan to exceed your expectations. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

New & Used Office furniture Sales


We have a great selection of desks, seating, conference room furniture, reception area furniture, workstations and cubicles, break room furniture, appliances, electronics and much more. Plus, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our products. We are committed to offering quality, modern & functional Office Furniture to ensure the best environment for your workspace. 

Office Furniture Removal  & disposal 


Is your Business moving, down sizing or relocating? This is were our removal services come into play. We are dedicated to finding a new home for all your existing furniture. 

Cubicle Reconfiguration

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It can sometimes be difficult to accommodate the necessary number of workstations when dealing with a limited amount of space. Our professional office consultants are available to provide expert office reconfiguration services that maximize available space while still promoting a comfortable and productive work environment. Contact us today for details.

Space Planning Design 


Don't have a Floor plan put together for you office space yet? Not to worry, we offer complete office floor plan designs /layouts. This includes 2D, 3D & Color renderings. See your space before its done!

Office Furniture liquidation 


Whether your business is moving, closing or just upgrading its furniture, Projectailored can provide professional furniture liquidation services for your existing furniture as well as removal and disposal services. Contact us today for details.

Cubicle & Upholstery Steam Cleaning


Have you ever considered what else accumulates on the rest of your cubicles over the years? The amount of dust, dirt, and grime would shock even the most hardened office worker. That’s where we come in – to offer a little education on routine Cubicle & chair cleaning. The benefits of office panel cleaning – if done on a regular basis – are refreshed upholstery that not only smells great but guarantees a longer life for the cubicle and its surfaces. Another perk of course is that your employees will thank you.

Delivery & Installation 


We offer on time quality professional delivery & installation services from cubicles and other office furnishings. There's no project is too big or too small. We stand behind everything we install to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

Commercial Moving Services 

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 Moving to New location? Our professional team of Installers & movers can completely disassemble everything in your current office and transport it safely to your new location. Once there, we can reassemble workstations, desks and appliances & other office furnishings. Contact us today for details. 

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